Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

Real-Time Proactive Monitoring

We keep an eye on your IT, so you don’t have to

Business IT Monitoring and Maintenance

With Remote Monitoring & Maintenance (RMM), Digital Guppy can keep an eye on the health and status of your IT systems 24/7.

This means we can proactively identify problems & incidents before they become critical and damage the business, minimising downtime and decreasing costs.

Servers, websites, network infrastructure, important workstations and more can be remotely monitored, any discrepancies are detected and allocated to an engineer and resolved, all before the problem can begin affecting your business.

As we continue monitoring overtime we pick up common issues and their causes allowing us to begin resolving them automatically, making your IT more reliable, secure and continuous.

100% Australian-based support for all issues.
Helpdesk Support: Monday to Friday, 7 AM - 7 PM AEST
Response time of 10 minutes for serious issues.
Customisable Monitoring: Tailorable monitoring of your business critical services
Optional 24x7 monitoring
Optional web-based dashboard for live view of critical services

Business IT Support Features