What are Procurement Services?

Procurement services allows you to take the complexity out of selecting hardware and software by letting us understand your business needs, and ensuring each piece of equipment we select meets your own unique requirements and enhances your business’ performance. We have dedicated vendor partnerships with leading suppliers to maximise the benefit to you, with state-of-the-art equipment at our best price.

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Our procurement options include

  • Hardware

    Selecting and managing hardware assets is a critical part of your IT strategy because it contributes to your overall user-experience and business efficiency.

  • Software Licensing

    Managing licenses can be complicated, as you grow so does your subscription list and the need to be smarter with handling your licensing services. We’ll ensure you’re compliant and only paying for what you need.

  • Finance & Leasing

    Outdated equipment can have adverse effects on your employees efficiency and productivity. However making significant purchases can be costly, forcing you to settle for sub-par technology.

  • Buy-Back

    We’ll buy back your old equipment and use the funds to offset the costs of new equipment, ensuring you have access to the latest technology rather than waiting for budget approval. It’s like getting a fast, brand new car every 3 years.

  • ______ as a Service

    We offer multiple service options, giving you the flexibility to implement future-ready technology to assist with your growth, including Disaster Recovery, Backup, Device, Software, Infrastructure and Platform as a Service.

  • Warranty Included

    All hardware comes with additional warranty options to suit your needs in case the worst happens. Should the worst happen, we’ll handle the warranty claim on your behalf.


Our procurement services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Consolidate

    Our options allow you to consolidate all of your technology services and equipment into one easy-to-pay monthly fee, enabling your business to scale without draining your budget.

  • Ensure compliance

    Having outdated or over-used licenses can result in costly legal issues, we’ll ensure you’re compliant and only paying for what you use.

  • Latest technologies

    Outdated and incorrect technology can have adverse effects on your user-experience, efficiency and productivity. We’ll ensure you have the appropriate, cost effective equipment to maximise your efficiency.

  • Vendor relationships

    We’ve carefully vetted the best vendors and have access to their sales engineers, technical leads and project managers to get you the best solution for your business.

  • Future proofing

    Having a solution that supports business growth ensures you are future-ready without footing the bill for unnecessary hardware and software. We’ll look at a variety of solutions including cloud technologies.

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