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From design to development, we've built websites for big and small customers. Whether you're looking for a new eCommerce website, or just want to redesign an existing site, let's talk about your business goals and make it become a reality!

Looking for a Digital Web Agency that will help you grow?

Digital Guppy has built upon years of proven processes, sourced the best tools and secured the best partnerships to ensure the best outcome for you and your business.

1. Discovery & Planning

We start by understanding your business and goals through surveys and meetings. We'll then create a solid blueprint for your website, whether you have an existing design or need our team to create a new one.

2. Design & Content

Our team will work on creating engaging design layouts while you focus on content. We handle both frontend and backend design requirements, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive solution.

3. Development & Setup

With the architecture, content, and design elements ready, we'll develop your staging website. This includes setting up migrations, products, shipping and payments, 3rd party integrations, and analytics.

4. Testing & Launch

We'll conduct thorough testing and revisions to get your website "go live" ready. Once everything is polished and ready, our team will facilitate the entire launch, ensuring your store is ready to welcome customers.

Let's Work Together.

Whether you need us as an extension of your team, or you're after a one-time project, we've got you covered. You choose how you want to work with us.

Dedicated Team
Get full access to our team
Focused on your long-term goals/objectives
Web Design, Development, Content & QA Testing
Dedicated Project Manager
Access to our Client Requests & Project Portal
Connect with us via email, phone or video
Scale up or down as you need
All-inclusive hourly rate for roles
FREE Bug Fixes
Get started
One-time projects
Focused on your specific goals/objectives
Web Design, Development, Content & QA Testing
Dedicated Project Manager
Access to our Client Requests & Project Portal
30-Day Warranty for Bug Fixes
Ad-hoc flexibility for when you need us
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Frequently Asked Questions?

We've compiled a list of questions that pop up frequently. We hope these address any questions buzzing in your mind. If you can't find the answers you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help!

How soon can I be up and running?

Once the order has been placed, you will receive your website design within 10 business days. The development will only start once you have approved the design. The development and building of the website takes 4-5 weeks to finish. Just remember, we don't use templates, so everything we do is custom and built to represent your brand.

How many products can I sell?

The sky's the limit! You can list as many products as you want, giving your customers plenty of choices.

What support do you provide?

We've got your back. We provide FREE ongoing support related to the design of your website. For the first 30 days after your website goes live, you'll have our full support.

Just keep in mind, our support is specifically for work produced by us. If issues pop up from third-party sources, they won't be covered by our support.

For any issues related to the eCommerce platform or its plugins, you'll need to contact their support directly. But don't worry, we can step in and escalate issues if you need.

Looking for more? We also offer a partnership package that gives you access to our expertise for all your development needs.

Are there any hidden fees?

With us, what you see is what you get. Apart from your initial design cost, there are no additional fees payable to us. Any other fees, like the platform subscription or third-party apps, are handled directly with the relevant party.

Do you offer any training for websites?

We've got you covered. Every single one of our clients receives full training on how to navigate and use their new website.

We'll even conduct a live tutorial for you via remote access. You'll be able to watch us list new products and make changes, and then you'll get a chance to try it out for yourself.

For the first 30 days after your website goes live, you'll have access to support. For any issues related to the platform or its plugins, we recommend you reach out to their support directly.

Let's Chat.

We'd love to hear all about it! Reach out to us for a no-obligation quote and let's start turning your vision into reality.