Eight reasons to use Mail Assure

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Eight reasons to use Mail Assure

From internal communications to customer service, email is the lifeblood of a business, it has your information and your customer’s information which makes it attractive to cyber criminals.

We’ve partnered with SolarWinds® & SpamExperts® to provide you with Mail Assure, a powerful, affordable email filtering and protection designed to keep you safe and your email up and running, freeing you from time-consuming spam and malware mitigation.

1. Email filtering and protection

Mail Assure checks incoming, outgoing, and internal email for malware, phishing, ransomware, viruses, spam, and other threats. A proprietary self-learning technology draws on insights from emails sent across the Mail Assure user base to continuously update our threat database. This helps deliver stronger filtering accuracy with few false positives.

2. Email continuity

Mail Assure was designed to help provide email continuity and uninterrupted business productivity. Even if an email server goes down, users can still receive, read, and send email via a web interface supported by a network of global data centers.

3. Email security made affordable

With Mail Assure, you pay per mailbox. So you benefit from simple, predictable billing each month. And because Mail Assure is entirely cloud-based, there’s no need to buy new hardware or install software on your devices.

4. Total visibility and control over email flow

With the Mail Assure web interface, available in multiple languages, you get more control over email flow. You can set access and permission levels to allow your staff to view all quarantined messages, then release, remove, blacklist, or block those messages as needed.

5. Integration into other email services and infrastructure

Mail Assure works with many on-premises or cloud-based email services, adding an extra layer of protection to the default security features built into those platforms. Whether you use Microsoft Exchange™, Google® G Suite®, Office 365 or other email tools, Mail Assure can help.

6. Office 365 & Outlook Add-in

Mail Assure includes an add-in, available from Microsoft® AppSource®, to make integration with Microsoft Office 365® easier. This is designed to help provide an additional security layer for Office 365, support business continuity in the event of Office 365 downtime, and provide longer-term email archiving.

7. Data loss prevention with email archiving

A built-in email archiving feature encrypts, compresses, and stores all incoming and outgoing messages in the Mail Assure cloud-based vault. Using encryption, including AES-256, your data becomes nearly tamper-proof.

8. Regional data storage support

Many businesses face strict rules regarding data processing and security, and therefore need to use data centers located in specific regions. Mail Assure offers a default global region, but also allows to store logs, quarantines, and archive data in the US, EU, UK, Australia, or Canada.

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